Powder Coat Painting: Boats & Marine Parts

Marine brass sailboat trim (polish brass, clear powdercoat)

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Protect boat metals from saltwater corrosion

Powder coating is the best way to protect marine parts and boat fixtures from saltwater corrosion.

The basic elements of air, water, sunshine, and salt are all extremely corrosive to metals in any marine environment.

Using the powder coating paint process will protect your aluminum, stainless steel, and other metal boat parts with its superior durable finish.

The strength of a powder coated metal finish will protect your boat and marine fixtures in all kinds of New England weather. Powder coated surfaces are extremely easy to maintain, as well.

Clear coating any marine brasswork or copper fittings means you can preserve their shine and lustre of your boat's metals for much longer without all that buffing and polishing.

Powder coating can also used to color rails and match other boat parts in striking hues.

Powder coating for marine parts & boat fixtures

There are many marine parts & boat fixtures that will benefit from powder coating, including the following:

  • Rails
  • Towers
  • Radar arches
  • Outdrives
  • Boat gashes
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Brasswork, copper, aluminum, & stainless steel fixtures

A small investment in powder coating will increase the value of the major investment you have made in your boat, yacht, trawler, or other marine vessel.

Preserving your boat's metal fixtures will help preserve the value of your boat for years to come.

Photo Gallery - Boats & Marine Parts


Boat rod holders (gloss white) Marine double sink (after) Marine (polish stainless, highlight white inside, clearcoat complete) Marine powder coating, MA